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Training FAQs

  • Registration and Cancellation for a Class

    How will I be notified once I have completed the registration process and what information will I be given?
    Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive an email message that includes your confirmation number, confirmation of the class, date, location, and billing information.

    What do I do if I need to change or cancel my registration?
    Simply contact your Education Advisor for assistance. They will be able to help modify or cancel your existing registration using your confirmation number. All cancellations and reschedules are subject to individual country policies.

    What if I need to cancel my attendance at the last minute?
    BMC has specific policies regarding cancellation and rescheduling of attendance. View our policies.

    What happens if a class is cancelled and I have already made my travel arrangements that include a non-refundable airline ticket?
    If BMC cancels a class, we cancel 14 days prior to the start date of a class. This policy is designed to allow you to book flights after the cancellation window. View our policies.

    Will I receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course?
    Students who complete an instructor-led course will be able to print their completion certificate from their Training Record. The completion certificate link becomes available after the class attendance has been posted by the instructor.

  • Transportation

    Does BMC provide transportation to and from the airports?
    No, it is up to the individual student to provide transportation to and from the airport.

    Does BMC provide transportation to and from the hotels to the local training centers?
    No, it is up to the individual student to provide their own transportation.

  • BMC Partners

    I am a BMC Partner. How do I enroll for classes?
    You can enroll in BMC Education classes by logging into BMC Academy with your BMC partner single sign-on credentials. The first time you log in, you must update your profile. Register and update or create your profile. You can contact your partner manager for assistance or find out more on the Solution Provider Portal (SPP).

  • Discounts on Education

    Does BMC offer a discount if I attend multiple classes?
    No, BMC does not offer individuals a discount for purchasing multiple classes.

    Does BMC offer discounts for purchasing courses in aggregate?
    Yes, BMC offers discounts to customers who purchase Learning Pass Credits (LPCs)/Training Units (TU). Learn more by contacting your Education Advisor.

  • Learning Pass Credits (Training Units)

    What is the Learning Pass Credit (LPC)/Training Unit (TU) Program and what are its benefits?
    The Learning Pass Credit/Training Unit Program is an easy and convenient way for a company to purchase discounted training for its employees and minimize administrative paperwork. The program is simple; to receive a discount, a required minimum purchase of credits must be completed upfront. The more Learning Pass Credits/Training Units you purchase, the greater discount you receive.  LPCs/TUs are then used to redeem available training.

    What is a Learning Pass Credit (LPC)/Training Unit (TU)?
    Each LPC/TU is equivalent to approximately one day of public training. For pricing, contact your Education Advisor.

    What determines the expiration date for my Learning Pass/Training Units?
    Typically, Learning Pass/Training Unit accounts are valid for one year from date of purchase. All training must be purchased and completed on or before the expiration date.

    What happens at the end of the one year period to the Learning Pass/Training Unit if I still have credits that have not been used?
    LPCs/TUs that are not used by the end of the Learning Pass/Training Unit expiration date are forfeited unless you agree to renew your Learning Pass/Training Unit for the coming year. For more information on renewing your Learning Pass/Training Unit, contact your Education Advisor.

    Can I use Learning Pass Credits (LPCs)/Training Units (TU) to pay for on-site training?
    Yes. LPCs/TUs may be used to pay for on-site training.

    How do I access my Learning Pass Credits/Training Units?
    Once the account has been set up, BMC will provide a Learning Pass/Training Unit account/keycode number to register for classes online or through your Education Delivery Representative.

    Does BMC provide me with any sort of report to assist me in tracking my usage of the Learning Pass/Training Unit?
    A monthly report is sent with your LPC/TU available balance.

  • Sales Tax Information (US and Canada)

    Where applicable BMC collects sales tax in the US and in Canada. Learning Pass Credits (LPCs)/Training Units (TUs) are taxed when used in the US and when purchased in Canada. In the US your LPCs/TUs will be taxed when redeemed in accordance with the tax regulations, if any, required at the user's delivery location.  A secondary invoice will be sent for the tax amount associated with the purchase.

  • Private Training vs Public Training

    Does BMC offer on-site training as an alternative to public classes for larger groups or to address specific customer needs?
    Yes, BMC does offer on-site training for most of our public classes.  To arrange for on-site training or to further discuss your specific needs, contact your Education Advisor.

  • Instructor-Led Online (ILO)

    What are the benefits of instructor-led online (ILO) training?
    With instructor-led classes held online in our virtual classroom, you have the benefits of online instruction without the requirements and expense of travel. You can attend from anywhere - your home or office.
    * NOTE: The course will be facilitated using WebEx. For more information about WebEx, visit the WebEx site.

    How do the instructor-led online training (ILO) classes compare with your classroom instructor-led classes?
    The instructor-led online training (ILO) classes simulate the same experience that you would have in one of our classrooms (including hands-on labs in many courses and interaction with the instructor and other students). When the class is offered both in the class and online, the exact same materials and labs are used.

    How do users access or join an instructor-led online (ILO) class?
    Log in to BMC Academy, click Learning, click My Learning. The user transcript displays. Locate the title of the class and on the right side of the page under Options, click the Launch link. Note that these classes run via WebEx with VOIP (Voice Over IP). A computer headset (or speakers and a microphone) are required to attend the class. There is no dial-in phone number.

    Will training materials be provided with the instructor-led online training (ILO) classes?
    Yes. Course materials are provided via e-book. An email with instructions to access e-books is sent out on the Friday before class starts. If you enroll after Thursday of the week before class, your eBook will be processed manually before the start of class. If you have not received your eBook notification, please check your spam folder or inform your instructor when you enter the class. Private class e-books may be distributed on the first day of class. e-books are included in the price of the course. Requests for paper books must be submitted two weeks in advance of the class start date and there will be a fee for paper books.

    What happens if I experience technical difficulties during the class?
    We have online technical assistance in the event that you experience a problem. For assistance please contact WebEx technical support at (866)229-3239 or WebEx Support. For all other technical difficulties, please contact for assistance.

    What time do classes start? What time zone are the classes scheduled in?
    Classes start at 0900 hours and end at 1700 hours respective to the time zones below.

    North America - Central time (CST/CDT -6/-5 hrs GMT)
    Asia Pacific – Singapore time (SGT+8 hrs GMT)
    EMEA - London, England time (GMT/BST 0/+1 hrs GMT)
    (Note Summer/Daylight Saving Time shifts from GMT)

    What do I do if I wish to enroll in an instructor-led online (ILO) class AFTER the enrollments are closed?
    While we encourage you to enroll prior to the cutoff date, should circumstances require that you need to enroll after that date contact your Education Advisor.

    Learn more about ILO system requirements, connectivity tests, and course logistics.

  • Accreditation and Certification

    Does BMC offer product accreditation and certification testing as part of its training curriculum?
    Yes, we have accreditation and certification programs for many of our products. Search for courses and filter by training type “Certification” to see current offerings.

  • Web-based Training (WBT) Specifications
    Are there any specific requirements for self-paced and web-based training?
    Yes, for specifications and requirements for self-paced and web-based training, please click here.
    Are there any specific requirements for self-paced and web-based training?
    Yes, for specifications and requirements for self-paced and web-based training, please click here.