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Remedy Service Innovation

Remedy Service Innovation

Customize your service delivery

Sometimes it’s good to do things differently. Whether you’re looking to configure an interface, create a new process, or build an entire application, Remedy 9 gives you all the tools you need to be successful.

The Remedy Service Innovation license gives you the power to create brand new custom applications, build and deploy new processes and administer the Remedy platform. Remedy Service Innovation is available standalone or as part of the Remedy Service Management Suite.
  • Configure Remedy apps: Add or hide fields with minimal effort to create personalized interfaces that help you work smarter.
  • Build your own: Join the thousands of users who build custom applications to make their enterprises more effective and efficient.
  • Automate: Build, deploy, and automate new processes and workflows with the code-free, visual process designer.
  • Integrate: RESTful APIs let you integrate Remedy to everything.
  • Administer: Remedy 9 empowers administrators to transform IT with on-screen guides to help you deploy, edit, and upgrade pain free.
For additional functionality consider Remedy Service Desk, Remedy Service Optimization, or the full Remedy Service Management Suite.

"In a digital world where speed is key, Hindsight Technologies Inc.'s customers demand not just control and knowledge over their business and IT landscape, but they also crave flexibility, intelligence, and innovation."

— Tauf Chowdhury, ITSM Architect, Hindsight Technologies, Inc.

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Service Management reborn

Remedy 9 is built on a brand new Java codebase with RESTful APIs to help you integrate to everything and deliver a truly enterprise scale service management platform for the digital enterprise. Remedy 9 can be delivered from the BMC cloud or your own data center.

Innovate at will with these essential tools

Custom Applications

The Developer Studio empowers developers to create their own forms, workflow, objects, and data structures. RESTful APIs enable powerful application integration and publishing. You can package code and data easily to move it through development, test, and production environments.

Platform Administration

The System Administration Console enables you to manage your server, LDAP and email integrations, application and security preferences. For fast upgrades to the latest version, our patented overlay methodology ensures that all application customizations are securely managed, and visual upgrade tools make it easy to plan and manage your upgrade. Data management tools import and export data, archive application data with configurable policies, and synchronize data across multi-server environments.